Easing Slider

Creating sliders with WordPress has always been a tricky business. Similiar plugins try to provide a solution but none really hit the mark. Easing Slider aims to fix that. This plugin focuses on achieving it’s core purpose – to create and manage sliders with ease.

It aims to keep slider creation simple, require little to no learning curve, and fit into the WordPress admin area like it was included from the start. Some of the features on this plugin are: responsive and ready for all devices, seamless integration within WordPress admin area, smooth transitions, and lazy loading for extremely fast page loading time.

How To Use

In the dashboard, go to Sliders

At the top, there is an option to create a new gallery that says “Add New”. This is where you will create a new slideshow. First, begin by giving your slideshow a title. Next, you will add images to your slideshow by clicking ‘Add Slides’. On the right sidebar, there are several options to modifying your slideshow such as dimensions, transitions, preloading, etc. After you’ve made the adjustments you want to your slideshow, click Publish.

Once you’re finished making changes to your gallery, you can find the shortcode by going back to the dashboard on the left and clicking ‘Sliders’. Once you’re on the main sliders page, you will see the shortcode listed to the right of your title. Then you will paste that shortcode into the page you want the slideshow on.