Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is all about quizzes. You can install it and effortlessly create quizzes for your website. The plugin features a “Quiz Landing Page” that comes with headline, subheadline, image and a “Start Quiz” button. You can create unlimited quizzes.

Another feature of Quiz Cat – one you’ll love – is that this quiz plugin randomly shuffles quiz answers. Shuffling keeps the answer to question one of your quiz from always having to be “A”. “A” could be the right answer this time, while “D” might be the correct answer next.

How To Use

In the dashboard, go to Quiz Cat.

At the top, there is an option to create a new quiz that says “Add New”. This is where you will start a new quiz. First, begin by giving your quiz a Title. Next, write out a description of the quiz and what the user can expect out of it. Below, you will find a section where you can add questions with correct and wrong answers. After you’ve created all your questions, there is a section for results where you can give the user their results with a description, image/gif based on how great or terrible they did.

Once you’re finished making changes to your quiz, you can find the shortcode under the Settings tab next to the Editor tab. Then you will paste that shortcode into the page you want the quiz on.

Do You Know Texas State?

This is a trivia style quiz to see how well you know Texas State.