Header + Footer Injections

With the Header and Footer plugin, you can copy and paste codes like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Custom Tracking Codes, etc in a centralized point to manage them all. You can also paste code into specific pages or posts.

Its main purpose is to add various scripts to track the access to the blog (such as Google Analytics code, the verification code required by Google Webmasters Tools, the Facebook or Twitter script for the like button.

To insert something you have only to copy and paste the code supply by the service you want to use, there is no need to install 5 different plug-ins to integrate 5 external services. Clearly, if you aren’t able to copy and paste following the specific service examples or if they are unclear, keep on using a specific plug-in.

How To Use

Go to Setting > Header and Footer

You have several options on where to inject code. Based on the code you need to put in your website, figure out if it needs to go in the head, after the body tag or before the closing body tag. Then paste in the appropriate section.