Easy Charts

The Easy Charts plugin is easy to use and a powerful way to generate charts to show data on your website pages and posts. The charts are created using SVG and CSS3 transitions, so they are interactive. The chart options include: bar, stacked bar, step up bar, percent bar, area, stacked area, percent area, line, pie, donut, polar area, and waterfall carts.

Easing Slider is highly focused to ensure a solid user experience. To ensure this, we offer our additional features as installable add-ons. This ensures that you’re using only the features you require, with nothing else to pollute your product experience.

How To Use

In the dashboard, go to Easy Charts

At the top, there is an option to create a new chart that says “Add New”. This is where you will start a new chart. First, begin by giving your chart a Title. Below, you will see demo data in the table. To get a good idea of how the chart is setup, go ahead and publish the demo data so you can see a preview of the chart. Now that you’ve seen the chart, this is where you will go in and add your own data and choose which chart option you want to use. You can find the chart options when you scroll down under the general section. There are several sections with options you can change on your charts that you can explore.

Once you’re finished making changes to your chart, you can find the shortcode on the right sidebar. Then you will paste that shortcode into the page you want the chart on.

Stacked Bar Chart

Bar Chart

Pie Chart